Dutch clothing brand Bandolera is now in Turkey to dress Turkish Women

25 Aralık 2008 Perşembe

Dutch women clothing brand Bandolera meet with women of the world at its 2500 stores in 41 countries.

Now the brand is sharing its collections with Turkish women through its Istanbul Kurtkoy Viaport and Ankara Ankamall stores.Bandolera never gives up high quality in its products. While Bandolera apparel is preferred choice of popular business crowd with its attractive and feminine style, it also helps you find the elegant style that fits you best with its fashionable dresses.Bandolera that aims uniting its new stores with its new customers, will continue to serve its customers at different sales points throughout the nation.By being a main sponsor of Umut Cicek Aciyor (Hope Blossoms) Project in association with Tocev, Bandolera has been highly praised. Bandolera not only dress Turkish women but also helps hopes of Turkish kids blossom.

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