Turkish Retail Sector Grew 10 Percent This Year

18 Şubat 2008 Pazartesi

Turkish organized retail sector left the year 2007 behind with performance higher than expected, 10 percent growth

Association of Shopping Centers and Retailers (AMPD) announced the results for 2007 for in terms of Nielsen Retail Index. The sector grew 10 percent in 2007 and experienced the highest endorsement increase during the 3rd quarter according to the index. The sector also sustained its outstanding employment performance during the previous year. The growth rate in this field for 2007 was 21 percent and the increase in employment reached 50 percent during the last two years. Investment parameters also increased remarkably in 2007. The total number of shops in the sector increased 24 percent. There has been an increase 23 percent in the total service field investments. The increase in the endorsement of the company for the first ten months of 2007 was 11.2 percent. Whereas total expenses particularly during the second half of 2007 and the whole cake shrank, the volume of the organized sector expanded and its weight increased. The index of total number of employees in the sector regularly increased during the period of 22 months and increased to 146 from 100 on index basis. The number of employees in the firm stuff also increased 59 percent. The sector will sustain its growth It is aimed that the Retail Index announced by AMPD in cooperation with Nielsen semiannually will become one of the most important parameters of the Turkish economy. According to the other results of the retail index covering January 2006-July 2007, the sector is growing, performing investment moves, rapidly creates registered employment and it maintains its registered structure. There is also a rapid increase in the number of shops during the period that covers 19 months. The first data of the sector that provides employment to 2 million and 500 thousand people and reached and endorsement of 137 billion dollars in 2006 comply with basic economic data. Nuşin Oral, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Shopping Centers and Retailers, stated that they have taken an important step towards registering the sector and that the state determined the rules, thus registering them. Oral, that said that the retail index is a proof age of maturity of the retail sector, added We are becoming transparent. As a beginning for the AMPD retail index, 60 big companies that are members of AMPD and have an influence on organized retail are participating. About AMPD The Association of Shopping Centers and Retailers was established in 1994 in order to highlight and improve the role of shop chains, shopping centers and affiliated sectors in the economy and society. Improving the sector and quality of service to international standards, representing the sector globally by collaborating with international institutions and assisting the increase of the potential of investment in Turkey are among other objectives of the association. AMPD has a dynamical member structure made of people and institutions that are leaders in their fields. The activities and studies carried out by the association: improving cooperation opportunities by forming a common platform between shopping centers and retailers; supporting scientific studies related to the sector; obtaining, sharing and compiling sectoral information via appropriate sources; ensuring cooperation between universities and the private sector and meeting the needs of the sector as well as members through sectoral publications, training books, research reports, conferences and seminars.

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