TPF is continuing its structural studies all over Turkey

20 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Türkiye Perakendeciler Federasyonu (TPF), the roof organization of the retail sector, is increasing the number of its members and strengthening country-wide

The spark, that started with Ankara Per-der that was established by 23 local retailer in 2001 in order to e3nsıre cooperation between local retailers and solve problems that may arise in the sector gained acceleration in Samsun in 2004 and İstanbul, Bursa, İzmir and İzmit respectively in 2006. Şeref Songör - Chairman of TPF 2007 has been a year where both negative and positive developments were seen in the retail sector. Positive developments were the facts that traditional retailers started to spend efforts for institutionalization and that they tried to increase their quality along with physical growth. There have also been studies via our federation in this field. The negative developments were the decrease in profitability as a result of the intense competition, increase in costs and little increase in endorsement just like the previous years. Generally speaking, we can see that a stricter economic policy will be implemented in 2008. This means that there will be a decrease in expenses. It is clear that competition will be intense whereas profitability will be low in 2008. We think that consolidations will continue in the sector. We also think that trademarks that do their business appropriately, understand their customers and produce local solutions will still be successful. Türkiye Perakendeciler Federasyonu and our retail associations have been carrying our studies to improve the retail sector for years. The retail sector grew remarkably in the organized field last year. As retailers sustained their organic growth, there has also been inorganic growth. Stronger firms stepped into the stage as a result of purchases and mergers. I think that choices of consumers are also being reflected to organized retail. Consumers tend to prefer organized retail trademarks and they do not prefer unregistered economy.

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