Turkey is The New Choice of International Retail Companies

12 Şubat 2008 Salı

Turkey is a market that becomes more attractive day by day. You can find some of the trademarks that have recently invested in Turkey in this news

Although the adoption of the free market economy dates back to past periods, the first time Turkey intensively started to attract international investments was after 1980s. During the recent years, particularly in the field of retail and fast moving goods, Turkey has an incredible attraction of intention of international investors. The list outstanding trademarks that have entered into Turkey and groups that have invested in Turkey are as follows:   Al Shaya GroupThe Kuwaiti investment group is the one that has made the most assertive investment in Turkey in the field of retail during recent years. Without doubt, the most important trademark Shaya has brought to Turkey is Starbucks. The claim that an international coffee chain could not succeed as the culture of Turkey does not fit into food and coffee culture was often stated in the media during the time this decision was first announced. The result, however, is a marvelous success. Starbucks spread around Turkey in a very short time and the people of the country incredibly embraced this trademark. Debenhams, an important retail company of England, is another outstanding trademark brought to Turkey by Shaya. Other can be listed as The Body Shop, Claires, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Peacocks, River Island, Topshop, Topman, Le Pain Quotidien and Next. The total number of shops of these 13 trademarks is around 200. Starbucks comprises 87 per cent of the activity of the group in Turkey in terms of volume.   IKEAThe Swedish furniture and house accessory shop IKEA become a phenomenon even before it arrived in Turkey due to what was written and told about it. The first IKEA shop that was curiously expected was introduced to customers in the year 2005. Following this first shop opened in İstanbul-Ümraniye, the second shop was opened in İzmir-Bornova. The third one has recently been opened in Bayrampaşa. IKEA achieved to gain a loyal group of customer in Turkey in a very short time due to its plain, simple and economical install yourself policy and due to its elegant and lasting products in spite of all these properties. The Swedish retail chain has become the favorite trademark of the young consumers residing in cities that try to keep away from classical templates due to the changing life profile in Turkey.   Media MarktMedia Markt whose first shop was opened in Ümraniye in the Anatolian side of İstanbul was brought to Turkey by Media Saturn Holding. Media Saturn Holding is one of the multinational companies within the Metro Group. Media Markt has 470 shops in 14 countries in Europe. Its first shop was opened in 1979. It joined Metro Group in 1996, opened one shop almost in every country every year from 1989 and it is present in 14 countries including Turkey and excluding Germany. Media Markt opened its second shop in Eskişehir after İstanbul.   Electro World Dixons Stores Group International, which is an electronics shop giant, active in 14 countries in Europe, opened its first Electro World shop in Bursa. Following this shop, the company opened shops in the Capacity shopping center in Konya and İstanbul.   DartyDarty, a trademark of the English Kesa Group, entered Turkey before its other international competitors. The group, that has opened 6 shops up to now, gained acceleration since Media Markt and Electro world has arrived although it has opened three shops during its first 8 months and it opened its other three shops within three months. This development implies that Darty will not fall behind its competitors and they will also get aggressive.   CorioAfter the entrance of ECE in 200 and Multi Turkmall in 2004 into Turkey, international shopping centers turned towards Turkey.  Corio, the Dutch investment company that realized this potential entered into Turkey by purchasing a quarter of Akmerkez. The group that has purchased shares of many chopping centers and started new projects has recently purchased the Tekira shopping center whose construction in Tekirdağ has been completed.   Daewoo The Korean electronic giant entered the Turkish market in the field of white and brown goods. The company is going to open 15 shops under the name of D shop and be available in 1000 electronics chain shops and large malls in 2008.   C&ADutch C&A opened its first shop in Turkey in İstanbul in May 2007. The objective of C&A, one of the largest ready-wear chains of the world, that serves 2 million customers with its 32 thousand employees and about 500 shops every day, is to reach the number of 20 shops within three years. Turkey is the 15th country the chain has invested into in the world.   Haagen-DazsHaagen-Dazs, the famous American ice cream trademark, opened its first concept café in Turkey in the capital, Ankara. The trademark, brought to Turkey by Nişfud Gıda in June 3006 continues to expand by opening new cafes in many shopping centers.   Ben&Jerry'sThe American ice cream trademark Ben&Jerry's entered the Turkish market in coordination with Algida. The company that has shops in 22 countries and is going to serve with two shops in İstanbul in the beginning, aims to reach 1 million consumers in Turkey.   Those that arrived with Beymen Beymen, a company of the Boyner, is one of the most important chain retailers of Turkey which offers 270 trademarks for sale under its roof. Beymen has recently brought some of these trademarks to newly opened shopping centers outside its own shops. These shops opened in İstinye Park and Nişantaşı Citys belong to famous trademarks like Celine, Fendi, Chloe, Moschino, Paul Smith, Etro, Tods, Giuseppe Zanotti and Jimmy Choo that entered Turkey through chain retailers but did not open any shops under their own names.   BagattThis is an Italian trademark that has shops in 17 countries like Germany, Greece, Ireland, Russia, Spain and Romania. BSO Group brought Bagatt to Turkey. The firm opened two shops in a short time. They were opened in Galleria in İstanbul-Ataköy and in Nişantaşı Citys.   Candy GroupItalian Candy group that has many trademarks of washing machines, dryers, fridges, freezers, cookers and built-in ovens entered Turkey by purchasing a factory. The group, that has been active around the world since 1945 and manufactured its first washing machine in Italy, purchased the company Doruk Ev Gereçleri that owned the Süsler trademark of Eskişehir. Along with the Candy and Hoover trademarks known around the world, Candy group is also known in international markets with the trademarks Rosieres, Iberna, Jinlign, Otsein, Vyatka and Zerowatt, and all its shares belong to the Italian Fumagalli family.   CartierCartier, active in the filed of jewelry design and production, opened its first boutique in İstanbul in compliance with the new architectural style of the interior designer Bruno Moinard of Paris in the beginning of the year 2007. Cartier, established as a family company by Louis Francois Cartier in 1847, has over 220 boutiques all around the world.   CoachThe American Luxury Accessories Trademark Coach is another important trademark that entered Turkey in the year 2007. The first shop of the chain was opened in İstanbul Bağdat Caddesi and the second was opened in İstanbul İstinye Park shopping center.   GallaherTEKEL that has long been owned by the state for the production of tobacco and alcohol drinks was privatized last year. English cigarette giant Gallaher entered the cigarette sector that brisked after the discussions of privatization started, following giants like Philsa, BAT, JTI and Imperial Tobacco. Gallaher, that has made an investment worth 30 million in the Aegean Region, presented Smart and LD to the market.   GAPGAP Inc, one of the largest ready-wear retailers of the world, entered the Turkish market with the trademarks GAP and Banana Republic. The trademark chose its Turkish business partner to be Fiba Holding which is also the Turkish partner of Marks & Spencer. The objective of the group is to open 50 GAP and 9 Banana Republic shops in 5 years.   General GrowthGeneral Growth, that owns or undertakes the management of over 200 shopping centers in 44 states of the USA, became a partner of the ECE Projektmanagement of Hamburg-Germany that entered Turkey in 2000 and Espark that is built in Eskişehir. ECE Projektmanagement conducts its activities in Turkey under the name of ECE Türkiye. Espark Shopping Center which is a joint investment of both companies, has recently started its activities.   HabitatThe English furniture and house decoration chain opened its first chop in Turkey in İstanbul in 2007. Habitat, opened in London in 1964, offers concept products different than the general style to customers under the motto lifestyle retailer.   Unitim Harvey NicholsUnitim which is the Turkey representative of Tommy Hilfiger and many other important trademarks, attracted attention after it introduced Accessorize in 2004. Unitim also introduced the extraordinary jean trademark G-Star as well as Sephora which is also emphasized under a separate title in this news. However, the biggest move of the group is Harvey Nichols which came to Turkey upon the opening of Kanyon in 2006. Whether the English retail giant that started its activities in 1813 would come to Turkey or not had been discussed for a long time. The shop amazed those who expected it and announced that they particularly focus on İstanbul within their development plan. The shop which offers service on an area of 8 thousand meter squares and employs 300 people also includes a beauty parlour and SPA service.   Havaianas Brazilian Havaianas that introduced flip flops to the world started its activities in Turkey in 2006. Havaianas, that is active in 65 different countries and sells 140 million items annually, entered chain retailers shelves in Turkey through its distributors and achieved to form a loyal group of customers in a very short time.   IntersportIntersport, founded in 1968 Sweden is among the biggest sport retail chains of the world with it 5 thousand customers in 33 countries and its endorsement of 8 billion . The group entered Turkey by signing a license agreement with Sporting Güngör A.Ş. and became the most important retail chain of Turkey in this segment by opening many shops in big cities.   Jan KathThe prestigious German carpet trademark enters Turkey through the distributorship system. The trademark that sells carpets produced from natural purpurin and Tibet wool through its high price policy expands in may countries of the world via the distributorship system.    Robert's CoffeeAfter the introduction of Gloria Jean's Coffees in Turkey, the coffee chain segment grew more with Starbucks. Many international coffee chains that do not want to leave the two giant trademarks alone also have rushed into Turkey in recent years. Roberts Coffee, established in Finland in 1976, is among the most outstanding of these. The chain that entered Turkey in the year 2007 and opened 9 shops in one year expanded with an amazing acceleration and it announced that it is going to open 10 new shops.   Schiller ChiemseeFamous German tea and coffee trademark Schiller Chiemsee, serves its 17 different natural teas to its customers in five concept cafes it opened in İstanbul. Schiller Chiemsee, that opened its first café in Cevahir shopping center, later opened 3 other cafes all of which are in İstanbul.   Sephora The French cosmetics retailer has 515 shops in 14 countries. Sephora which was brought by Unitim Holding, that attracted attention after it brought Harvey Nichols to Turkey, was established as a beauty shop chain in 1969. It was purchased by Louis Vuitton, luxury consumption goods giant, in 1997. Sephora opened two shops in Capacity and İstinyepark shopping center in İstanbul in Turkey which it entered in 2007.   Savola Saudi Arabian group Savola bought Yudum Gıda form National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) for 53.3 million dollars. The sales of Yudum in 2006 amounted to 197 million dollars and its profit was 13 million dollars in 2006.   TchiboTchibo, established in 1949 in Hamburg in Germany, entered Turkey in 2005. It opened a total of 11 shops in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmit during the period of three years that have passed. Consumers can drink coffee, buy all kinds of coffee and tea as well as all kinds of equipment for coffee and tea in Tchibo.   KelloggsThis trademark from the USA cam to Turkey by becoming a partner of the most important food company of the country, Ülker. Sales and marketing are conducted with the Ülker-Kelloggs trademark by the Kelloggs Med company established with 50-50 partnership.   VaillantVaillant, that purchased 79 percent of Demirdöküm in the last months of 2007, will establish an air conditioner factory in Bozüyük, increase its present radiator production and move its water heater production in Germany to Turkey. Valiant Isı Sanayi and Türk Demirdöküm will take place in the Vaillant Group formed with the combination and Demirdöküm  shares will also continue to take place in processes.   Whirlpool Whirlpool, that is active in 12 trademarks in 170 countries, chose Vestel which is the white goods trademark of Zorlu Holding as a partner and came to Turkey.   Those that entered with a shopping center  Other than the trademarks we discussed, there are also many other trademarks brought by consultancy companies that entered Turkey parallel to shopping center investments in recent years in order to lease these shopping centers. The common property of these trademarks is that almost all of them take place inside newly opened shopping centers like Cevahir, Kanyon and İstinye Park. Some of these shops may keep up with only one shop, some may withdraw and some may become successful and open new shops in Turkey. Italian clothing shop Conbipel, German perfumery chain Douglas, French kids wear Natalys, Italian shoe trademark Cesare Paciotti, Italian bag trademark Mandarina Duck, Brazilian jean trademark Ellus, Scandinavian accessories trademark George Jensen and others These are just some of the trademarks that entered the incredible competition of Turkish retail sector which is told to have met about 50 new trademarks within the last three years. So, which ones have opened a dysfunctional one-shop showroom upon the insistence of their local representatives or and distributors and which ones have entered Turkey in order to grow consistently? Time will show us.   Restaurant chains are also interested The fact that the number of shopping centers increased so much, also brought many different restaurant chains to Turkey along with ready-wear and accessory chains. Wagamama in Kanyon, Rainforest Café in İstinye Park and Panino Giusto are the most outstanding ones.

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